About Us - Mt Meru Consultants (Wood of the Gods)

Our company Mt Meru Consultants is founded by Mr Leon Wong, an Agarwood Expert and Consultant with more than 20 years of experience. He is recognised in Singapore, China and Middle East countries. Mr Leon Wong was also invited by Singapore T.V Mediacorp as Agarwood Expert in a special programme. We specialised in Agarwood Consultancy (Consulting and Authentication Services) and International Agarwood Trading. Customers we have served includes rich and famous listed in Forbes and Royal Families of the Middle East. We also extend our agarwood services and agarwood products to the end user or retail market.



Our brand is known as "Wood of the Gods" and had built good reputation and trust among customers whether individuals or companies around the world especially in the Middle East region including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, U.S and Europe.

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We started our business with wholesale of agarwood and sandalwood products years back as an individual agent based in Singapore. As a simple company with much less overheads and running cost compared to other companies, we are able to supply agarwood directly from reliable collectors to our customers overseas directly at a very good price. Our policy is not to fool customers and 'jack up' the prices ridiculously based on the fact that agarwood prices can be subjective and changing on demand.

We want customers to come back to us again and again !

In Singapore, the market has been flooded with excessively priced, poor quality and imitated agarwood products. Since then, we decided to sell directly to end users in addition to wholesalers and companies around the world.

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We Sell Below Market Prices.
Our prices are lower than most resellers. We charge a fair price instead of 'luxury' prices.

We Ship Direct Internationally and Locally.
We ship International and Local orders at very reasonable rates and using reliable international freight services.

We Sell Any Quanity (No Minimum Orders) to Any Customer, Whether Small or Big.
No orders are too small or big for us.

We Offer Wholesaler and Reseller Discounted Prices.
Wholesalers and resellers are welcome.

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