Agarwood Chips / Beads / Mala / Bracelet
Sandalwood Chips / Beads / Mala / Bracelet

NEW - Electric Burner (with Temperature Control) for Agarwood / Sandalwood Chips

NEW - Agarwood / Aloeswood Bracelet, Wrist Beads, Beads and Mala

NEW - Sandalwood Bracelet, Wrist Beads, Beads and Mala

Agarwood / Aloeswood Charcoal For Burning Agarwood



send  Agarwood Quality

Expert agarwood processing companies in Arab countries and Japan who are interested in high quality agarwood, prefer to process the raw material themselves. This also avoids the mixing of authentic high grade agarwood with agarwood of lower quality or even sawdust (contains rubbish like hair etc.) that is added to make up the weight that is usually not visible to the human eye in powder form. Experienced and expert users usually do not buy powdered form of agarwood but in chips form.

Gyrinops Walla, Aquilaria Crassna, Aquilaria Filaria, Aquilaria Malaccensis: Agarwood Physical Properties and Quality Grades (General Classification - Live Agarwood NOT applicable to Soil / Ground Agarwood):

  1.    1. High Quality: Black Wood – Heavier than water
  2.    2. Medium Quality: Brownish wood streaked with black resin
  3.    3. Low Quality: Light yellow wood with brownish wood 


Medium Quality Aquilaria Crassna Agarwood
aloeswood oil
Low Quality Aquilaria Crassna Agarwood

Agarwood does not have any standard grading system and usually done by sellers in a fuzzy notion without any scientific basis.  This is often misleading as each has its own standards. According to agarwood experts and professionals, the area of black part (high quality resinous part) of agarwood chip is a way of gauging the quality of the Aquilaria Crassna agarwood. But it needs to be seen under a microscope as some fake agarwood can be coloured and coated.

Pure agarwood resin can be seen to exude a bubble-like appearance when the wood is burnt, which is evidence of the high ‘oil’ or resin content.


send  Misconceptions about Agarwood Quality

Most people grade agarwood by black area/part, it is not an unique or correct way to identify good agarwood, for example, several genuine Kynam (‘Qi Nam’ ‘奇楠’) pieces (the highest quality of Agarwood) have no black area (its major colour is yellow and brown). Aquilaria Malaccensis woodchips are more black in colour than Aquilaria Crassna woodchips but Aquilaria Crassna Agarwood is more valuable than Aquilaria Malaccensis Agarwood .

Price of agarwood species varies across countries and traders. It usually ranges from USD 500/Kg to greater than USD 10,000 /Kg for agarwood chips.

aloeswood incense
aloeswood chips

Low Quality Aquilaria Filaria / Aetoxylon (Buaya / "Crocodile" Wood) , often sold as medium or high quality Agarwood at high prices by unprofessional sellers and cheats.


send  Agarwood Types and Comparisons

One of the most precious (rare) and priceless agarwood/aloeswood is Kinam or Kynam 奇楠. This type of agarwood is produced naturally by a natural process where the agarwood/aloeswood is buried under the ground or soil and allowed for reaction of the agarwood resin (oil) and the wood within the agarwood/aloeswood tree. Kinam or Kynam 奇楠 are classifed generally in the market as White, Blue, Yellow, Black and Green. It is just a type of classification and not to be confused by the colour of the agarwood. There are many confusing terms, names and grading given to agarwood especially Kynam / Kinam / Qi Nan 奇楠 because of profits driven marketing. There are increasing number of sellers with limited experience and knowledge entering the market due to the "lucrative" nature. There are also sellers who claim higher grade dark agarwood or artifically processed agarwood (coated or infused) as Kynam / Kinam / Qi Nan 奇楠. Consumers and buyers are not able to tell the differences themselves. You should only consult and buy from a trusted and established expert.

Agarwood Beads

黄奇楠 ,Yellow Kinam or Kynam

Agarwood Bracelet

黑奇楠 ,Black Kinam or Kynam

Aquilaria Filaria is one type of soil / ground Agarwood also called 黄土沉 is commonly used in Fengshui. This type of Aquilaria Filaria agarwood can be found more easily in Indonesia and lower in price. This type of agarwood is actually found from agarwood trees buried in the ground for many years which gives its chinese name - 'Yellow Earth', some called 'Red Earth' 红土 due to the different soils it is buried in. All types of agarwood can be found in soil / ground area, depending on its formation in the soil. The changes and reactions of agarwood all varies according to the natural conditions which explains the different scent and appearance it presents. No one piece of agarwood is the same as another!


Aloeswood Perfume
Sandalwood Beads


Aquilaria Malaccensis (Malaysia, above) also called 虎斑沉 or 虎纹沉 in Chinese, "Tiger Agarwood" in English. Aquilaria Malaccensis also exist in Indonesia, Kalimantan, and the scent varies with the species from Malaysia. The colour and physical pattern is quite the same for both country of origin.

Sandalwood Oil


Aquilaria Malaccensis and Aquilaria Crassna appears to look the same to a normal person. But careful physical evaluation shows the difference and burning will differentiate the scent of the 2 species. Many unprofessional sellers/cheats sell cheaper Aquilaria Malaccensis as Aquilaria Crassna to customers.


Sinking Agarwood Aquilaria Malaccensis from Indonesia (Kalimantan). Physical colour is dark brown to black. Feels heavy on hand like metal pieces. Sinks in water. 100% natural, non-impregnated. We also sell this type of sinking agarwood.

Sandalwood Bracelet

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Uses: Aromatic inhalation & other Medicinal preparations

Agarwood Chips (various Grades and Species)
Sinking Agarwood
Genuine Natural Agarwood Beads (Indonesia)
Cambodia Bracelets
Genuine Natural Agarwood Beads (Cambodia)土沉
Agarwood Bracelet
Sandalwood Beads
aloeswood oil
Aloeswood Chips
Genuine Natural Agarwood Beads (non-processed, various Grades)
Sandalwood Beads
Fake Agarwood Beads (processed artifically - man-made)

Note: Some fake agarwood beads are painted and coated to make it shiny, also impregnated with agarwood oil or perfumes. For more genuine agarwood beads, it is recommended to buy non surface-processed agarwood beads. It has real woody feeling with smooth finishing only, nothing is added or no shiny coating. Even for real agarwood beads that are coated, it will not be nice smelling as the coating has blockout or covered all the wood grains. Also, energy of the agarwood beads will be greatly reduced after processing/coating. Please note that note that High Grade agarwood beads if polished by machine or used by user over time, it can look shiny due to the oil in the agarwood. This is NOT coating. This shine is light shining and NOT very glossy shine. Testing by an expert can tell the difference in coating and natural oil shine.

Agarwood Powder (various Grades and Species)

send  India Sandalwood Chips and Powder


Agarwood Perfume

India Sandalwood Logs



Agarwood Beads Aloeswood Perfume
India Sandalwood Chips and India Sandalwood Powder


Sandalwood chips and powder are used to make pure sandalwood incense or burnt directly to enjoy the sandalwood aroma. Sandalwood powders are also used for sandalwood oil extraction. The common method of distillation or extraction being steam distillation to extract sandalwood oil from sandalwood chips or powders.

Sandalwood from different regions have different shades of brown or colour and different ring or grain patterns. For example, pacific islands sandalwood is lighter in colour and closest scent to India Sandalwood. Indian sandalwood is darker brown (reddish brown) in colour. For Australian sandalwood, it is light in colour and has a light and refreshing scent. Though the colour have to do with the inner or outer hardwood of the sandalwood. In general, the root of the sandalwood is the best quality! It is by experience and visual inspection that sandalwood is graded by expert suppliers and buyers.


send  Sandalwood Beads and Bracelet

Most of the sandalwood bead, bracelet or mala are fake. Often, fake sandalwood beads are polished with oil to make a shiny surface and the fake sandalwood beads has smell of perfume or just normal wood scent. Buying unprocessed or uncoated beads are the best choice. We offer the best grade genuine India and Pacific Islands sandalwood beads.


Agarwood Oil

Genuine High-Grade India Sandalwood Beads (non-processed)

Agarwood Beads

Genuine High-Grade Pacific Islands Sandalwood Beads (non-processed)


send  Electric Burner (Temperature Control) for Agarwood and Sandalwood Chips


Agarwood Oil

An electric burner that is specially designed to heat the agarwood or sandalwood chips at correct temperatures (80 to 220 degree Celsius °C) so that you get the best effects and benefits without smoke. Can be used for any aromatherapy essential oil or natural material such as agarwood and sandalwood.

  Temperature Control
  Convenient for Travelling
  Enjoy the Benefits of Natural Material
  Scent of Nature in your Home or Office


send  Agarwood Charcoal

This special silver coated charcoal is made specially for enjoying agarwood. It lights up easily and last long. Just light and place onto the burner with ash as foundation. For more information on how to use, see "How to Burn Agarwood Chips using Japanese/Arabic Incense Charcoal method".

Eacb box comes with 20 pcs (5 Bar x 4 pcs).

100% Made in Japan.

This charcoal is safe for use as it is even used in Shisha in Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain etc.

Sandalwood Beads