Applications of Agarwood and Sandalwood

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Agarwood and sandalwood are widely used in Asia. It can be turned into beads and bracelets. Most of the wood, however, is processed and either turned into oil which is used in perfumes and other cosmetic products, or the agarwood and sandalwood chips are either burnt directly or ground into powder which is used as the raw material for incense making for religious and aroma therapeutic applications. For example, some use it as a sleep improving scent that is good for sick persons like cancer patients.

How to Use Agarwood or Sandalwood Oil?

  •  Drip a small drop of agarwood or sandalwood oil onto hand and apply behind ears and wrist as with perfumes.
  •  Drip a small drop of agarwood or sandalwood oil onto pillow to have a peaceful and relaxed sleep.
  •  Drip agarwood or sandalwood oil onto aromatherapy stones/burners/diffusers to enjoy the holy scent. DO NOT apply too high heating temperatures.

Agarwood and sandalwood oil scent usually last for days when it is not washed away!


How to Use Agarwood and Sandalwood Chips?
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Agarwood and Sandalwood Chips are burnt to produce aromatic scent in ancient times especially in Middle East and East Asian countries. Till date, it is still commonly practised by many.


How to Burn Agarwood and Sandalwood Chips using Japanese/Arabic Incense Charcoal method?

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First take a piece of Japanese incense charcoal and light it with a match or lighter. When it starts burning, place it in the center of a burner carefully as it is very hot. Then put some agarwood or sandalwood chips onto the charcoal, do not put too much as oxygen is needed for the burning process. Burning time depends on charcoal size, charcoal heat and quality of agarwood or sandalwood being used. More high quality agarwood with more resin will burnt longer than poor quality ones. For sandalwood, the grade and oil content will also affect its burning time.


send  Agarwood & Sandalwood in Fengshui

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In fengshui, there are various applications of agarwood. Agarwood is known to contain very special energy. Most commonly used to remove the "Sha/Bad 煞' in fengshui, in laymen terms it is used to remove bad omen or obstacles that obstruct goals and path in life. It is believed that the agarwood scent or smell is so unique that it can help to turn negative energy to positive energy. As agarwood can attract positive energy or Qi, thus it can improve one’s luck, ward off evil, improve mind and health, bringing success to one’s life. 


Under the East Asian Philosophy of the Five Elements – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Agarwood belongs to Wood. Position to place the agarwood is "Wen Qu 文曲" and "Wen Chang 文昌" position in the house or office. Agarwood can also be carried on the body in the handbags etc to improve one's luck. The most effective method of using agarwood is by burning it and releasing the scent and energy from the agarwood chip to purify the surrounding energy and environment.

One of the popular and proven method is to put the agarwood in a wealth zone or top of the door entrance. It can be in the form of agarwood chips/wood or even beads. For business to prosper, agarwood can also be place at wealth zone/position to increase wealth and achieve business growth. For improving studies, placing agarwood at wisdom position in the house helps to enhance one's wisdom, luck and concentration in studies especially during times of examination. Alternatively, it can help to improve one's fortune and luck in work/career such as promotions and good working relationships.

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Agarwood beads are also usually worn on the wrist or neck area for improving one's luck and removing bad energies/luck. In addition, due to it's unique scent and special energy, agarwood has calming effect on one's mind. Some customers testify that it can help to build good relationships among colleagues/friends and bring peace to oneself. Agarwood beads are also popular among celebrities.

Note: Processed agarwood beads that are polished and shiny coated will damage the "Qi" "气" of the agarwood beads, greatly reducing the energy level of the agarwood beads.

For sandalwood, the applications and concepts are almost the same as mentioned above. But in some fengshui theory, different types of sandalwood are used for different purposes. Applications such as improving longevity, health, wealth & prosperity, studies, restoring one's luck and increasing one's positive energy are tagged to different origin of sandalwood. In general, sandalwood will have the same effects and the most powerful sandalwood beads or bracelet will be those made from older sandalwood trees, especially from India. The closest sandalwood to India Sandalwood will be the Pacific Islands sandalwood because it has close characteristics to India sandalwood.


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