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Agarwood & Sandalwood Incense


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Agarwood Perfumes
Incense forms a part of alternative medicine and it functions in a similar way to aromatherapy. On inhaling essential plant oils, aromatic scent passes through the nose into the limbic system of the mid-brain which is the ‘seat’ of our feelings. This explains the very direct effect of scent on mind, soul and our entire sense of well being. Agarwood and sandalwood incense exudes a light and earthy aroma compared to some heavy and sometimes synthetic incense.

In general, agarwood and sandalwood incense through its aromas has the ability to bring harmony to oneself via the sense organs, thus calming disturbing emotions such as anger or depression.

We carry one of the world finest agarwood/aloeswood & sandalwood incense coils in the world. It comes in different names, packaging and price depending on the grade of the Agarwood & sandalwood being used. The Agarwood incense coil that we carry is from Vietnam and they belong to the category of higher grade. For sandalwood incense, we are using the best India sandalwood as the only main ingredient.

In most cases, agarwood/aloeswood & sandalwood coils are made either using 'spent powders' that is left over from making agarwood/aloeswood or sandalwood oil or mix with low grade agarwood & sandalwood trunks (agarwood with very little resin or smell). These make the cost of the agarwood/aloeswood & sandalwood coils very low for high profits. Often, perfume or artificial frangrant additives are added to enhance the lack of agarwood/aloeswood smell.

Our incense coils are made with 100% specially selected original (non-mixed) agarwood/aloeswood & India sandalwood chips that customers use for display or direct burning. We grind the agarwood/aloeswood & sandalwood chips into powder and carefully make into very high quality fine incense coils just for you.

Agarwood Incense Coils - Grade 1 / Grade 2 / Grade 3
agarwood incense
aloeswood incense
aloeswood incense
Contents: 48 coils
Time: 2hrs / 4hrs coil


Agarwood incense sticks and agarwood incense coils in exquisite wooden box.
Great for gifts or personal collections.


Sandalwood Oil
Contents: 48 coils
Time: 2 hrs / 4hrs coil
Sandalwood Bracelet
Contents: 70 - 90 sticks
Time: 1 hrs stick



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Agarwood Beads

Incense can be found in the market in different forms. Common forms of incense:

  1. 1.  Coil. Shaped into a coil form like mosquito repellant with combustible binders. It can last for a period of time varying from hours to days.
  2. 2.  Cone: Shaped like a mountain with combustible binders, it burns relatively fast.
  3. 3.  Cored stick: This form of stick incense has a supporting core of bamboo. The core is coated by a thick layer of incense material that burns away with the core. Cored incensed sticks are sometimes known as Joss sticks.
  4. 4.  Solid stick: This stick incense has no supporting core and is completely made of incense material. It allows the user to determine the specific amount of incense they wish to burn by breaking into suitable sizes.
  5. 5.  Powdered or granulated: The incense material is made direct from grinding the herbs or ingredients into finer bits. This incense burns much quicker than incense with combustible binders but it provides more intensive smells. It is also the purest form of incense as there is no burning of binder materials.
In general, large and coarse incense tends to burn longer than finer incense. The coarseness is dependent on the natural texture of the herbs as well as the grinding time during the incense making process.


send  Incense Selection

There are various varieties of incense with different scent and uses available, and the recommended tips for selection are as follows:

  1. 1.  Select the incense from a reputable incense supplier or place of origin which has authentic high quality raw materials.
  2. 2.  Select incense of high quality ingredients to ensure low health risks.
  3. 3.  Determine the purpose, e.g. leisure, relaxation, meditation etc.
  4. 4.  Determine the scent that you respond well to, e.g. fresh grassy, strong herbal, sweet, mild etc. Everyone’s reaction or body response varies. Mixing of agarwood or sandalwood with other herbs for a scent that suits you.
  5. 5.  Determine the duration of use, e.g. incense sticks for a specific period, granulated or powder for strong scent in short durations.